All Wrapped Up {Pink and Peonies}

I've always believed that the way a gift is wrapped shows the person how much you care. It sounds strange, but if you through a gift into a gift bag, it seems a little last minute and rushed. However, if you take the time to wrap a gift and adorn it with a bow, it shows time, effort and consideration. But, if you are anything like me, you and wrapping paper just don't quite seem to get along. So, when it came to wrapping a gift for a friend's birthday, I resorted to some basic materials that I turned into a cute little wrapping! 
Thankfully, when I asked the store for a box, it was this lovely metallic silver, which provided the perfect starting layer. To top it off I used some hot pink twine I found at Lowe's (yes, the hardware store!) and a few sheets of white tissue paper. I started by wrapping the pink twine around the box creating a "ribbon" about an inch wide, then wrapping it again perpendicular to the first "ribbon". Adorn the top with a dainty tissue paper flower and it will be chicest gift you give all year!

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