This Week I Feel...Colorful

So, I would like to start with a little story today. Last Christmas while out shopping for my gift, seeming all lost and confused, the lovely sales associate decided to provide R. with a little help. She proceeded to ask him, "What's your girlfriend's favorite color?" His response, "Black. Or maybe white." While yes, it may be just about the only color I ever wear, it is not my favorite color.  Thus, I have been inspired lately by Kate Spade's new campaign to Live Colorfully! Incorporating extra pops of color in every way is a must now. I'm dying over the "pop" bar with a multitude of colored sodas, the colorful paisley cake, and the delicious looking bright macaroons. Even Miranda Lambert is deciding to live colorfully with her eye catching bouquet of broaches given to her at her bridal shower! Looking to have your own colorful soiree? Try having a color scheme of more than just one or two colors like the couple who had their wedding party in a rainbow of dresses, or the yellow, green, teal, and pink bash in the right hand corner! Even the reception at the bottom center is not too over the top for a colorfully lived life! So here is a little challenge for this lovely Monday, as you reach for that black get up to head to work, put it back and instead reach for something full of color and see if it brightens up your seemingly gloomy work day! 

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