Sunday Brunch {Frittata}

Who doesn't love brunch? I'm pretty sure it's my favorite faux meal! I mean think about it. Weekend brunch is the only time where you can sleep in and still be able to get breakfast food where ever you go. Plus brunch constitutes mimosas. Breakfast does not. Anyways, today we did brunch at home and I decided to make a frittata.  The best thing about frittatas is that you can pretty much add everything but the kitchen sink and it's still good. Every time I make it, it's different.  I just add whatever I can find in the fridge and that's it. So, today's frittata included green and red peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and hot sausage. By the way, it was delicious and the whole thing is now gone. So, since there are no set ingredients for a frittata, here is a little basic step by step so you can make your own, however you please!

{Step 1} If you are including meat that has not been cooked already, cook your meat and set it to the side.  For example, we put sausage in it, so I had R. cook the sausage (I'm afraid to cook anything where grease pops.) and let it drain on a plate while I did the rest. 

{Step 2} In a separate (oven safe) pan, begin to cook what veggies need to cook down. So, since I needed to wilt the spinach, I cooked it first.  

{Step 3} Add whatever veggies do not need as much time to cook.  Example. I wanted my peppers to be a little crunchy still so I added them next, followed by the tomatoes. 

{Step 4} Add your eggs. The number you add is entirely up to you. It depends on the size and how egg-y you like it. I like when the add ins are more prominent than the egg, so when I make it for just R. and I, I usually do 6-8 eggs.  Anyways, crack them in a bowl, add salt and pepper to taste, mix together and pour in your pan with the vegetables.

{Step 5} As the egg cooks on the bottom, with a rubber spatula, begin to scrape down the sides to let the runny egg on top move to the bottom and cook.  It's almost like scrambling an egg.  

{Step 6} When the egg is about half way cooked, add in the meat.  Move it around to incorporate.  Also, in this step, add in the cheese if you so wish to use it. Obviously, since my recent milk allergy discovery, R. has had to enjoy his frittata sans cheese. But, honestly, I don't think it really makes that much of a difference whether it's there or not. 

{Step 7} When the egg is almost throughly cooked, but still slightly runny, add more cheese to the top (if you included cheese) and put it under the broiler until the cheese is slightly browned and bubbly. 

{Step 8} Pull the frittata out, turn the broiler off, cut a slice, pour a mimosa, and ENJOY!

So, I understand this seems like a lot of steps for one little egg dish, but it only take about 10 minutes from start to finish. Swear. Just wondering, what would you put in your frittata?

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