Social Graces {The Wedding Gift}

I know I wrote last week's Social Graces about gift giving, but I feel there a lot of things people don't know about giving a gift.  And not to say that there is a wrong way to give a gift (gifts are always accepted in my house in any way, shape, or form), but there are some common courtesy things to do that make the recipient much happier! Since it's wedding season, I decided to broach the topic of wedding gifts. I know it can be difficult.  There are so many events leading up to the wedding and it can be a bit confusing as to which you should bring a gift to.  Simple answer, if you are invited to an event about the wedding you are invited to, bring a gift. It doesn't always have to be big, but something small off of their registry or something you know they will enjoy is appropriate.  Bringing to the event is very common and something that I'm not outlawing. While for most events this is perfectly fine, in my opinion, it is not for the wedding itself.  Think about it. It's just slightly inconvenient for you and the couple to have to deal with this box while there are 100 other things going on.  So this weeks Social Graces lesson is simple.  When attending a wedding, it is best to send the gift to the residence of the couple.  It's easier for you and it's easier for them.  

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