You're Invited!

I've sat here for approximately 15 minutes now thinking of how to begin this post. Normally it's simple. I just describe the invite, tell you why you should love it so much, and that's the end of it. But, today I'm so intrigued and in love with this invite that I just can't seem to find the words to tell you how amazing it is! Hopefully, I really don't need to find those words that are simply lost inside my head, trying to find their way out.  Hopefully, you see the amazing-ness all on your own.  Printed on linen with a olive green metallic boarder and mailed in a recycled grocery bag envelope, this invite screams of rustic charm. Honestly, I think it screams "I'm perfect for any event you want to throw." With a background in textiles and graphic design, Kati of ArtfulBeginnings, creates all of her products (including this invite) from scratch.  If you visit her shop on Etsy, you will find an array of outstandingly artistic invitations in which all the materials come from small, eco friendly companies right here in the continental United States. By purchasing one of Kati's designs, you are single handedly helping to support small businesses in Maine, Colorado, and California that are all hoping to make a small impact in making this world a greener place.  

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