The Happiest Hour {Citrus Champagne Punch}

I wish I could fill your head with warm thoughts today about how Florida is gorgeous and warm and delightful, but I can't. It's seriously just as cold here as any where else. While I can't to stop thinking about how cold my toes are, I am trying to fill my head with happy thoughts. Thoughts of sunshine filled spring days while sipping this beauty are the only hope I have of warmth right now. While I love a good champagne punch for celebratory occasions, it's also just as appropriate for warm afternoons, brunches, Saturday mornings, and everything in between. The combination of lights and refreshing citrus with ginger ale, peach nectar and a splash of champagne is just what the doctor ordered for any day with celebrating! Here's the recipe…

:: Ingredients ::
1 Bottle Champagne or Prosecco
1 Grapefruit, sliced thin
1 Lemon, sliced thin
2 Clementine, sliced thin
1 Quart Strawberries, sliced
2 Cans Ginger Ale
2 Cans Peach Nectar

:: Directions ::
1. Mix all ingredients except the champagne in a large pitcher. Let sit overnight for all flavors to combine.
2. Fill a glass with ice half full with Ginger Ale mixture. Top with champagne and serve.

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