Weekend Reads {12.20.13}

Well, my friends, I have great news. My two week holiday vacation has officially begun. After a crazy few weeks of working non-stop and back to back holiday parties, I can finally relax a bit and indulge in the things I love most like family time, baking, crafting and blogging. Needless to say, I am beyond excited. The best part though is that I'm finally starting to feel the holiday spirit. I haven't been able to wipe the cheer from my face since yesterday afternoon. Santa would be quite proud actually. Now that the spirit of the season has taken over, I've gathered up my five favorite reads from the week. Each is appropriately holiday themed and certainly going to make your spirit as bright as mine! Happy Weekend!

1. Christmas Morning Pajamas & Coffee from Meg Biram

2. Mrs. Lilien's Christmas Dinner Menu from Mrs. Lilien

3. Printable Holiday Tags and Wrap from Eat Drink Chic for Oh Happy Day

4. Easy DIY Paper Bow from Hank & Hunt

5. A Colorful Holiday Table from The Glitter Guide

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  1. i am in the same sort of holiday high right now. can't get enough of christmas cookies, movies + present wrapping!