Party DIY {Colorful Christmas Ornaments}

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! It's so hard to believe that it's already here. But, before it's come and gone, I wanted to share one last holiday DIY with you. I've always been a big fan of handmade decorations, things that are different and have a story or meaning behind them. I like being able to say "Oh I made that!" when someone compliments the party or holiday decorations around my house. Christmas ornaments are no different. While I have my favorite ornaments that have been gifts from friends and family, the ones that really set my tree apart are the ones I made myself. This year's handmade ornaments are definitely the best so far. Who knew that a simple glass ball filled with colorful paint and decorated with a paint pen could make such a big impact? I definitely didn't! Trust me though, I will definitely be making more of these for next year's tree they turned out so good! Here's the step-by-step….

:: Supplies ::
Clear Glass Ornaments
Choice Color Acrylic Craft Paint (1 bottle coats approximately 4 ornaments)
Choice Color Fine Tip Paint Pen

:: Directions ::
1. Remove silver top from ornament and set aside.
2. Squirt approximately 1/4 bottle of craft paint into ornament. Turn ornament so that paint coats the inside. Return to ornament tray to let dry. Tip: Start by turning ornament upside down to drain any excess paint. Rotate every 15-20 minutes after that onto a different side so that paint does not drip and settle in one spot creating a spotty ornament. If the paint on the inside is not completely dry, over time all the paint will settle at the bottom leaving you with a half painted ornament if not rotated. I let mine dry approximately 2 hours. 
3. Place cap back on ornament. Using your paint pen, draw the design of your choice. 
    *To create the design I made use the following steps. 
         A. On the cap to your ornament, you will see slight indentations. Draw a line approximately half          way down the ornament from each of those indentations. 
         B. Connect each line at the top with a slightly curved line. When you look down on it, it should look like a flower. Repeat with a second slightly curved line approximately 1/4" down from the first. 
         C. Dot above each curved line with the tip of your paint pen. At the end of each straight line create an asterisk. 

I hope you have a crafty Christmas Eve!

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