Party DIY {Be Merry Wreath}

Without a doubt, it is finally Christmas at our house! The tree is up and decorated, gifts are wrapped and in there proper spot, poinsettias are adorning the plater box on the front porch and lastly the wreath is hung! I've had the supplies since before Thanksgiving, but with a hectic work schedule, I finally got around to completing it this weekend. I'm really happy with how it turned out too. All I had to do was spray paint a twig wreath found in any craft store and paint a "Be Merry" sign in this year's decor colors to complete it. Now that it is hung, I really feel in the spirit each day I come home after work. Plus it adds some personality to our holiday decor that couldn't be accomplished with a store bought version. Here's the step by step…

:: Supplies ::
Twig Wreath
Silver Spray Paint
Chip Board Sign
Craft Paint
Small Craft Paint Brush
1" Finishing Nails

:: Directions ::
1. Spray twig wreath silver and allow to dry.
2. Paint chip board sign in your choice of base color. Let dry completely.
3. Using a pencil, lightly trace the phrase "Be Merry" onto the chip board. In the corner, lightly trace holly leaves and berries.
4. Paint over the phrase in the color of your choice. It may take a few coats to cover the pencil marks if you traced on the darker side. Paint holly leaves green and use the end of your paint brush to create the berries.
5. Let sign dry completely before turning face down. Hammer a finishing nails 2.5 inches from the top and 1 inch from each side leaving approximately 3/4 of the nail exposed. Cut a 2' piece of tulle, fold in half and tie each end of the tulle in a knot around the exposed part of the nail. Take a second piece of 2' tulle, fold it in half and string it through the sign, loop around the wreath and tie the end in a bow. Hang from a wreath hook on door.

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