Last Minute Gifting

It's hard to believe that Christmas is literally a week away. Like many of you my head is spinning with finishing up work stuff before vacation, completing your holiday shopping and planning for family's arrival or trips out of town. With so much going on it can be easy to forget something, namely gifts for coworkers and acquaintances. You certainly don't want them to feel like you didn't put any thought into a gift but also, you don't particularly have the time to spend hours thinking about the perfect gift to get them. My go to in situations like this is a unique coffee mug, a Starbucks gift card, and the recipients favorite candy. It show that you took the time to find a mug that fit their personality; plus, who doesn't love a Starbucks gift card?

So, for any of you scrambling for a quick and easy idea this week, just remember that all you need is a trip to Starbucks and a walk down the candy aisle!

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