Weekend Reads {11.22.13}

Every year on the day after Thanksgiving, my grandmother hosts a Leftover Party. All of the neighbors bring their Thanksgiving leftovers for all to enjoy. It's a great way to clean out the fridge and enjoy everyone's Thanksgiving favorites without giving up your own recipes during the main meal. What I love most though is that many people transform their recipes into a brand new dish. It's always interesting, new and fun.

 Even if you can't host or attend a leftover party, you can partake in the second option. While some think leftovers are delicious the way they are, I much prefer to create something new but equally scrumptious. So, in preparation of next week's big meal, I've gathered up my favorite Thanksgiving leftover recipes. Each one transforms a traditional holiday dish into something you can enjoy for the days to come. Tell me…what's your favorite thing to do with holiday leftovers?

 1. Thanksgiving Leftovers from Food Network

2. Crispy Stuffing Savory Pancakes from Connecticut Lifestyle

3. Turkey Empanadas from Cheap Recipe Blog

4. Roast Turkey Club Sandwich from Closet Cooking

5. Leftover Thanksgiving Sushi from Tablespoon

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