The Happiest Hour {Bourbon & Peach}

Being from the south, I think it might be considered a sin if you don't like bourbon. Why? I'm not quite sure but it seems to be the drink of choice for just about everyone…myself included. Now I'm not talking week nights or even every weekend, but when given the choice on a cool winter's day, I will probably pick bourbon. While I do love a nice glass on the rocks, this bourbon and peach cocktail is my absolute new favorite. It epitomizes all that is southern and is perfect for those who aren't quite as big of bourbon lovers as the rest of us. I recently served it up for Rob's Whiskey and Cigars birthday bash and it was a huge hit. Even the guests who swore that bourbon didn't fit their taste enjoyed a glass! The best part is that with only three ingredients, it couldn't be simpler to mix up a batch for any event. Here's the recipe…enjoy!

:: Ingredients ::
(Makes 1 Cocktail)
1 oz Simple Syrup
4 oz Bourbon
3 oz Peach Nectar

:: Directions ::
Combine ingredients in a glass over ice. Stir and garnish with basil.

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