Party DIY {Skull Adorned Goody Bags}

Here's how Halloween goes every year at our house. I buy bags of candy the week of Halloween, put it in a big bowl and sit on the couch waiting for kids to come. Without fail, every year, we get 5, maybe 6, trick-or-treaters who take what I consider to be more than their fair share and Rob and I end up eating the rest. This year I've decided to put an end to that problem. This year I bought one bag of candy that I know we won't eat and tied up 2 pieces per trick-or-treater in a small cellophane bag. Genius right? I sure think so. This way I have just enough and a kid can't stick his or her hand into the bowl pulling out 10 pieces of candy each. Problem solved…or so I hope. The reason for this post though is not indulge you in my trick-or-treating troubles but to share the cute little bags with you. After making them, I realized this was a great idea not only for yearly trick-or-treaters but also for giving goodies to friends, co-workers, or even your child's school class. It works for more than just Halloween too! Tie up homemade cookies during the holidays with a cute little ornament or a birthday treats for a friend with a few candles to blow out. The concept of tying the bag with an appropriate object let's the recipient know you put some thought into your gift while keeping the cost on your part down. Here's the how-to on the Halloween version…

:: Supplies ::
Mini Plastic Skulls
Hot Glue
Cellophane Bags filled with Candy of Choice

:: Direction ::
1. Place a line of hot glue across the back of the scull.
2. Center the skull on an eight inch piece of twine.
3. Once dry, tie around candy bag.

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