Party DIY {Blood Dripped Candles}

There are certainly those holidays where my decor could be considered a bit over the top. Usually these holidays consist of Christmas, Cinco de Mayo and of course birthdays. Unfortunately, Halloween is just not one of them. However, I do like to do a little something to incorporate the spooky spirit into my everyday fall decorations. Usually this is a scull head here or there, maybe a giant fake spider, or even a few loose eyeballs tucked around the house. This year though, I did something a little more fun to make, DIY blood dripped candles. These candles give the appearance that blood is running down the sides and make a great centerpiece for Halloween get togethers. They are a little bit creepy yet incredibly chic and the perfect subtle addition to my decor. Not to mention, they are fairly simple to make. Here's the DIY...

:: Supplies ::
3 White Pillar Candles, varying sizes
1 Red Pillar Candle

:: Directions ::
1. Light the red pillar candle and allow for part of the candle to melt forming liquid wax.
2. Over a piece of newspaper, hold one white pillar candle in your hand while tilting the red pillar candle over the top. Let the wax drip down the side of the white candle, turning to form various size drips. Repeat with remaining white pillar candles.

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