Party DIY {Spirited Fringe Banner}

If you couldn't tell already, we've got a bit of a football theme going on this week. Needless to say, football is clearly a way of life in the south. Every Saturday from now through December will revolve around this one thing. And, if we are going to be spending this much time devoted to it, I might as well make it stylish. Football can be a bit of a mainly affair, but I'm here to add a little flair. With a large TV and a kegerator full of home brew at our house, it has become game day central. But, I am determined to not turn my house into a man cave for the remainder of the season. I started by creating this spirited banner to display on game days with everybody's favorite gold fringe streamers. I've been seeing fringe streamers everywhere for a while now and I've been dying to figure out how to make my own and this weekend was the perfect occasion. While it was a bit time consuming, the task itself was fairly simple and I am incredibly please with how it turned out. As a matter of fact, it is still hanging up in the bar because I don't want to take it down! Here's the step by step on making one for your favorite team...

:: Supplies ::
10 Sheets Gold Tissue Paper
Canvas Bunting
Round Sponge Brush
Paint Brush
Gold Craft Paint
Garnet Craft Paint

:: Directions ::
1. Begin by cutting a single sheet of tissue paper in half horizontally.
2. Fold the half sheet of tissue in half creating a piece that is approximately 10" x 15".
3. Using your scissors, cut 1/4" strips from the unfolded end leaving approximately 1.5" at the top.
4. Unfold the tissue laying it flat. Fold the 3" uncut portion in half. Continuing folding in half until you have a 1/4" portion.
5. Fold in half creating a "u" shape. Set aside
6. Beginning with your gold paint, use your round sponge brush to paint on polka dots. Let dry completely.
7. Using your garnet paint, paint a single letter onto each flag spelling out the name of your team. String onto a 8' piece of twine.
8. Center the flags on the twine allowing approximately 3' feet to hang down on each side.
9. On each side, start approximately 6' from the end of the flag. Place the centerfold of the tassel underneath the twine. Criss-cross the tassel over the top of the twine and adhere with a piece of tape. Continue the process placing 9 more tassels approximately 3-4" apart on the one side.
10. Repeat step 9 on the other side.
11. Hang and celebrate!

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