Party DIY {Glitzed Up Solo Cups}

Given what I do for a living, it's probably no secret that I like to entertain. Having people over for various occasions is something we both enjoy doing, and given that it's football season now, it's probably something we will be doing on a weekly basis. The one thing I do hate about at home entertaining though, is the dishes. It really is just so much easier at the end of a party when I'm exhausted to pick everything up and throw it away than to stand there and do dishes. However, with that being said, I feel like plain solo cups can be a bit "college" party looking. This isn't meant to be a cheap rager and I don't want it to look like one. So, with a lack of appropriate looking disposables on the market, I have taken to customizing my own to try and block some of the ugliness. Plus, it's a fun way to get guests involved.

You can really do a number of things to customize them from washi tape to letter stickers to ribbon. For our party we had this past weekend, I wanted something with a football theme. I found gold glitter tape and wrapped it around the middle adorning it with a football sticker. They were a huge hit and made clean up that night a breeze! Here's the how-to...

:: Supplies ::
Black Plastic Solo Cups
Gold Glitter Tape
Football Stickers

:: Directions ::
1. Wipe cup to ensure it is free of all residue.
2. Wrap glitter tape around the center of the cup. Adorn with football sticker, fill with drink of choice and enjoy!

Have a great Tuesday!

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