Party DIY {Cheery Confetti}

Welcome to the second day of confetti week. I mentioned yesterday how hard it's becoming to find good confetti. By that I mean confetti that is brightly colored, easy to toss, and doesn't rip just by looking at it. What I'm finding now a days is standard packs in basic colors that isn't very useable for any event. Well...today we are going to solve that problem. Recently I've found it much easier to make my own confetti. You can use a variety of materials in any color you desire to make confetti in any shape you desire. It may take a bit of time to make it in mass quantity, but trust me, you will be much happier with the outcome. I've found that using crepe paper streamers is what works best for me. The cost is low, it's easy to cut, and comes in every color imaginable. While my go to style is dot or strip confetti, you can also make confetti shapes by buying different shaped hole punches at your local craft store. Number and letters would be fun for a 1st Birthday or stars in red, white, and blue for Labor Day.  Whatever shape in whatever color you decide to make, DIY confetti always seems like the right answer to me. Here's the how to on my favorite dot and strip confetti.

:: Supplies ::
Crepe Paper Streamers
Single Hole Punch

:: Directions ::

For Dot Confetti: Cut a strip of streamer 24 inches in length. Fold in half until you have a length of streamer 4 inches long. Using your single hole punch, punch holes around the perimeter and the inside of the streamer piece. Empty out the catcher on your single whole punch for the confetti. Repeat with remaining colors.

For Strip Confetti: Cut a strip of streamer 24 inches in length. Fold in half creating a 12 inch piece. Using your scissors, cut the uncreased side of the streamer into thin strips. Be careful not to cut the crease. Next, take your scissors and begin trimming small pieces off the bottom of the strips creating varying sized rectangles. The key to strip confetti is to not be uniform!

Have a celebratory Tuesday!

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