Party DIY {Birthday Candle Holders}

I feel like I say this with every DIY, but this one has to be one of my favorites. And, this time I really mean it. If you are anything like me (a cake aficionado), then the thought of ever having wax from the candle touch your cake is just terrible. Every year, I rush along the lighting, singing, and wish making process just trying to make sure not a drop ruins the pure amazingness of my Italian Cream Cake with Coconut filling. It's a tradition that comes along once a year and should really be treasured, not rushed. But fear no more, these handy little devises prevent the wax cake dilemma.

Sometimes, a DIY is not about creating something new, but finding a new use for something already in existence. This past weekend we were roaming Lowe's looking for supplies for another project when a mixture of boredom and hunger took over. While Rob was searching for the perfect size nuts and washers, I began opening the drawers labeled "Hobbies" on the hardware aisle. In these drawers I found the best miniature wood pieces with a thousand uses. They had everything from wood cubes to spheres to mini wood flower pots. Also floating in the drawers were these. I looked at them for a brief second wondering what in the world you would do with it. All of a sudden it dawned on me. The pre-drilled hole is the perfect size for a birthday candle! Obviously not it's intended purpose but perfect to solve the wax cake dilemma. I picked up a pack of 4 for a mere $1.78, and with a can of spray paint I already had a home, I created a super cute candle holder that will get more uses than I can ever count. Here's the easy how-to...

:: Supplies ::
Wooden Tires (Hobby Drawer on Hardware Aisle)
Spray Paint
Birthday Candles

:: Directions ::
Spray tires in desired color. Let dry and stick in candle. Adorn cake.

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