Party DIY {Fringe Gift Tags}

Finding the perfect gift tags has always been a challenge. Either they are too girly and not able to be used universally or they are holiday specific. Both ways are a major problem. I've found a solution to this though. I keep standard white gift tags that I bought at Hobby Lobby in the craft cabinet. Whatever the occasion, I pull one out and customize it accordingly. Whether it's polka dots, stars, stripes, or something fun for everyday like this one, custom is always better. I love the fringe, full of fun and screaming fiesta. Using any color tissue paper, fold it a couple times and wrap it around the base. Snip the bottom and you've got a gift tag with flair perfect for just about any occasion. Here's the how-to...

:: Supplies ::
Gift Tag
Tissue Paper
Double Sided Tape

:: Directions ::
1. Cut (4) 1.5"T x 2.5"W pieces of tissue paper. Stack on top of each other and fold in half length wise 3 times.
2. Using your double sided tape, attach to front of gift tag. Fold around to the back and adhere with another piece of double sided tape.
3. Cut strips and fluff. Tie onto gift.

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