Color Me {Oyster Love}

This past weekend I indulged in a little end of season sale shopping. I picked up some new shorts, work pants, and a really cute dress that got me inspired for today. It's a watercolor print that reminded me of oyster shells. Sounds totally weird, I know, but it's to die for. Living near the coast, oyster are a staple in our house. They are best steamed and served a top a cracker with a bit of melted butter and hot sauce if you ask me. But, not only are they delicious to eat, their shells make for beautiful natural decor. After enjoying your oyster, save the shell, scrub it clean and get creative. Lay them in the center of your table as a runner, write guests names inside and use as place cards, or even turn them into votive candles for a truly coastal gathering.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. so true! the interior of oyster shells is so beautiful. There is a restaurant that does oyster happy hours by us, and it is so much fun!