Party DIY {Geometric Calendar}

I've been dying for a good calendar for months now. I have my standard agenda that I use everyday for meetings and appointments, but I've been looking for a piece to display around the house that is both beautiful and functional. After many unsuccessful searches, I decided to create this beauty. I love the mix of pattern, color and functionality. It's a calendar that can be displayed around the house with pride. While I have been using it as a calendar, it has another purpose as well. I created one of each number in each color and the green board is actually painted with chalk board paint. You know what that means? This calendar can actually be made into a countdown calendar. Change the chalkboard portion to read "days till vacation" or "days till Christmas". You can countdown from 99 days adding a little pizzaz to remembering important events. Give it as a gift to a newly engaged couple painted in their wedding colors with a box of chalk. It will allow them to countdown the days till they walk down the aisle, go on their honeymoon, experience their first holidays together, etc. My favorite part about this creation is it's ability to be customized to each creators needs. I could continue with how awesome I think it is, but instead, I'll just give you the step by step and let you get to making your own.

:: Supplies ::
(3) Acrylic Paint in Complementary but Contrasting Colors
(1) Martha Stewart Colored Chalkboard Paint
(21) 4 x 2 Thin Wood Boards (I purchased mine at Michaels)
(1) 8 x 10 Thick Wood Board
Number Stencils
Sponge Brush
(3) "C" Hooks
Honeycomb Stencil

:: Directions ::
1. Lay honeycomb stencil over large piece of wood. Paint and set aside to dry.
2. Using your chalk board paint, paint 1 piece of wood. Set aside to dry for 1 hour.
3. With the remaining two colors, paint 10 4 x 2 pieces of wood in one color and 10 in the remaining color. Let dry.
4. After 1 hour passes, paint a second coat on chalk board piece of wood. Let stand for 24 hours.
5. Using your number stencils, paint each number (0-9) on the pieces of wood with the opposite color.
6. Drill a hole in each 4 x 2 board slightly bigger than the diameter of your "c" hook. Place number boards on larger board where desired. Mark spot where you drilled the whole. Screw in "c" hooks.
7. Once chalk board paint has cured for 24 hours, condition with chalk. Write name of month or what you are looking forward too, add number and start counting!

Have a crafty Tuesday!

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