Party DIY {Garden Wine Stakes}

Plans for our 4th of July party are in full swing and it's forced me to start thinking of creative ways to make sure there is enough space for everyone. Don't get me wrong, our home isn't small but it isn't big either. Once you get 10-15 people in here, you start to sit on top of each other. That leaves us with the backyard. There is a nice bench on the deck that can sit about 4, but the real key to making sure there is enough space is setting up a seating area in the lawn. The problem, however, is a safe sturdy place to set your drink. Worry no more though, these wine glass holders are just the key. They stick into the dirt and the stem of your wine glass slides right in with the bowl resting on the top. You'll never believe what they are made of either...tomato stakes. Yes, tomato stakes. The natural shape of the tomato stake is perfect without having to modify it at all. Simply decorate as you please and amaze guests with your craftiness. The best part...each stake only cost me $1.48! Here's the how to...

:: Supplies ::
(4) Tomato Stakes
Gray Spray Paint
Clear Spray Paint
Hot Glue Gun

:: Directions ::
1. Spray each stake with gray spray paint. Let dry. Spray with clear spray paint to seal and set aside to dry.
2. Place a dab of hot glue on the end of a piece of twine. Place 4 fingers down from the top of the stake.  Wrap around stake 10 times. Trim twin and glue to stake. Measure 3 fingers and wrap again. Repeat until stake has been wrapped six times. 

Have a happy Tuesday crafternoon! 

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