The Happiest Hour {Strawberry Mojito}

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope everyone had a very relaxing and safe holiday weekend. We spent it hanging out with Rob's family and celebrating his mom's birthday. It was such a great relaxing weekend that I'm kinda sad is over. I want to continue the party today though by sharing a cocktail recipe that surely makes me wish today was Friday once again! Through the summer months, I'm a sucker for a fruity cocktail that is full of fresh fruits and light on the artificial juices. I've had a hankering for a mojito for a while now and with a pint of fresh strawberries hanging out in my fridge, I figured what better way to enjoy both! The combo creates a light and easy drinking summer cocktail full of flavor and freshness. Here's the recipe...

:: Ingredients ::
3 Strawberries, halved
5 Mint Leaves
1/4 Lime, juiced
1/2 oz Simple Syrup
2 oz White Rum
Club Soda

:: Directions ::
In a cocktail shaker, combine strawberries, mint leaves, and lime juice. Muddle until strawberries are juiced and mint leaves are bruised. Add simple syrup and rum. Shake vigorously to combine. Pour over ice and top with club soda.

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