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Happy Friday! It's the start of the long holiday weekend and I couldn't be more excited. Hopefully you are as excited as I am. Normally right before a holiday, I like to post all sorts of inspiration for it. But today, I wanted to give you my everyday inspiration, my essentials for easy, beautiful, at home entertaining on the fly. The smallest things make the difference here. It's so easy to over look things like your cutting board, wine glasses, vases, napkins, and tablecloths. But, it a cinch, they can be the key elements to stylish entertaining on short notice at home. Here's is my list of essentials for entertaining at home.

Cutting Board: It seems so simple. A devise to chop food on. But, a gorgeous wood one can double as cheese tray or platter for antipasto. What's so wonderful about a lovely wood cutting board is that it not only makes entertaining on the fly nice, but turns weeknight dinners into a party too!

Wine Glasses: Never underestimate the power of nice wine glasses. Proper ones at that. A big bowled glass makes a world of difference in my book and shows guests that you really know how to entertain.

Vases: Assuming you have enough time to hit the grocery store before a get together, flowers add the perfect pop to a table. While grocery store flowers aren't always the best, a magnificent vase can be just the trick. The perfect vase is of medium height, colorful and not to wide at the top.

Napkins: I'm not talking linen napkins, but fun paper cocktail napkins. The key to at home entertaining and entertaining on the fly is ease. Paper napkins may not be your everyday choice but are key. I stock up on them at places like Target and Party City. They always have a fun assortment in different colors and patterns that fit any occasion.

Tablecloths: Throwing a bright, visually interesting tablecloth or runner over your dining table really takes it to the next level without putting forth a ton of effort. The ideal cloth matches the color scheme of your house and has a bit of pattern to it.

Have a safe and celebratory Memorial Day Weekend!

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