Don't Worry...Be Inspired

Happy Friday dolls! I post everyday about the things that I love and things that I hope will inspire you. Sometimes it's a color I'm loving at the moment. Maybe it's a fun new cocktail that I hope will spark a whole party centered around it. Every once in a while it's a fun DIY for you to incorporate into your next bash. But, I rarely find myself posting about things that really inspire creativity in me. A lot of times it's just a single image I stumble across that really speaks to me right then in that moment. I wanted to share this shot with you today because it did just that. Last night I was recovering from a long day at work, way behind on the blog and feeling completely uninspired for today. Until... I found this picture on Pinterest. It jumped off the screen in that moment and was exactly what I needed to turn my whole evening around. The bright colors are happy and fun putting a smile on my face. Not to mention that the subject of the picture is actually of sea biscuits. My house is full of sea biscuits that I found on the floor of the ocean in the Bahamas and they are a constant reminder of my favorite spot which instantly puts me in a good mood.

Moral of the story, that image was just what I needed in that moment to flip my whole day around. It's what inspired me then and will inspire me through the weekend to create (hopefully!) posts that will inspire you.

Have a great weekend everybody!

*Image courtesy of Wave Dancer

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  1. see i think it's funny because visiting your blog always inspires ME! i absolutely love this image. so colorful and tropical!