Party DIY {Perfect Welcome Bags}

The welcome bag is a little wedding extra that takes the whole experience over the edge. It's a nice way to make guests feel at home and thank them for traveling so far to join in your special day. There are so many things you can place in your bags, but there are some key items that I think make it a perfect bag. These items are fun and show guests all the things they can do in town when they aren't celebrating with you. While the contents can vary based on location and theme, there are a couple standard items that can be customized to your wedding like maps, snacks, and beverages. This bag and list is perfect for a summer beachside wedding but is easily adaptable no matter where your wedding is. Here are my must haves!

1. Maps: Whether you pick up local maps from the store or have beautiful ones hand drawn, a map is a nice way to show guests all the fun places to go and will help them not get lost! Show where the hotel is, where the ceremony and reception are taking place, and provide a list of all your favorite places to go.

2. Welcome Note: It's hard to see and say hi to each guest before the wedding, so welcome them all with a hand written note in their bag. Thank them for coming and be sure to tell them how excited you are that they are here.

3. Weekend Itinerary: Provide guests with a weekend itinerary telling them when and where they need to be. Include things like the rehearsal dinner, ceremony time, reception, after party, and brunch the next day.

4. Local Flavors: Show your guests a taste of the community from the second they arrive. Include local favorites like craft beer, homemade treats from the bakery, Florida oranges or anything else that speaks to the favor of the area.

5. Beach Essentials: Since summer is upon us, I'm focusing on beachy weddings. Order personalized plastic sunglasses and throw in a pair for everybody. Toss in a bottle of sunscreen, a bottle of water, some aloe vera, and some magazines to read while lounging.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the welcome bag idea. whenever i get married this is definitely happening (& if it's in wisconsin everyone better expect some cheese ;)