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I'm not quite sure to call this a DIY post or a feature on Martha Stewart's new glass paint. Either way, it's awesome! It all started last Thursday when I was planning posts for this week. I decided I wanted to do a DIY on creating custom serveware and glass pieces. And so, it began with research. How to paint on glass and it be dishwasher safe. The first couple Google results were way to many steps for my ADD self. Then about halfway down was a blurb about Martha Stewart Glass Paint. Sold! It's exactly what I was looking for and made by Martha Stewart. It comes in 120 different colors and is as easy as painting it on, letting it dry and baking for 30 minutes. To top it all off, it is 100% completely dish washer safe. After a quick trip to Michael's, I was ready to create. That day, I made a bowl for myself and two cookie/storage jars for my mom's birthday. I had to refrain from making more as I seriously lack storage. But, on the agenda soon is a platter or two, maybe some monogramed wine glasses, and who knows what else. The best part is is that this paint will work on any non-poris surface and there are a thousand stencils to make it easy! No longer will I be on the search for the perfect platter, bowl, pitcher, etc for a party. Now I can just make it!

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