Introducing...MW Coastal Goods

There are many things that make me happy. These things include Rob, great parties, cocktails and barware, customizing items, all things nautical and beach related, The Bahamas, this blog, monograms, and the list goes on and on. But, what makes makes me even happier is when you combine any of these items. And, MW Coastal Goods has done just that. Wendy and Mike Hille have created the ultimate line of custom nautical barware and decor that I plan on ordering in as many ways as possible. My favorite pieces include the mahogany corkscrew and buoy bottle opener. I can only think of how amazing it would be to customize a whole coordinating set my next soiree with different style monograms, nautical images, and island renderings. It would be the added touch that would set the gathering apart. Since Friday happy hour is just a couple hours away, get in the spirit early by checking out Wendy's amazing site and order a bottle opener...or two.

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