Egg-cellent Style

I couldn't tell you the last time I busted out the hard boiled eggs and egg dye kit. It's been years since I got creative on the thin shell. But this past weekend, I caved. With eggs and dye in hand, I was determined to create some fun and unique Easter Egg designs. Dye wasn't the only thing I used though. Acrylic paint was the key to creating my different designs. It gave me the flexibility to make different eggs representing styles like abstract, nautical, and preppy. Here's the how to on creating each of these egg-cellent designs.

:: Supplies ::
Egg Dye Kit
Hard Boiled Eggs
Small Paint Brush
Acrylic Paint

:: Directions ::
1. Create dye according to box directions.
2. Place eggs in dye and let sit till desired color is reached.
3. Paint away!

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