Party DIY {DIY Valentines}

Valentine's D'ay is right around the corner and its time to start thinking about how we are going to show the special people in our lives how much we care. You can always send flowers or boxes of chocolate. You can even enjoy a romantic dinner. But, if you ask me the way to really show someone you care is with a handmade valentine. By making a Valentines card yourself, you give off big impact at half the price. Plus they are so fun to customize! Here's what you need to make your own heartfelt note.

:: Supplies ::
White 4 x 6 Card and Envelope
Washi Tape
Pink Marker
Elmer's Glue

:: Directions ::
1. Begin by taping off the edges of your envelope with washi tape forming a border.
2. Place your ruler against the outside edge of the card to help form a straight line. Trace the front edges of the card with your pink marker.
3. On the front of the card, trace the word you wish to adorn with glitter in pencil.
4. Trace the word with glue and sprinkle with glitter. Shake off excess.
5. Let dry, write a sweet little message, and send!

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