The Happiest Hour {Candy Cane Cocktail}

No holiday party is complete without a signature holiday cocktail. Cranberry, chocolate, and gingerbread are all excellent choices, but for this gathering, I opting for something a little fresher and mintier, candy cane. The minty freshness and bright red color are ideal for any gathering. To make this holiday libation, I combined crushed candy cane's and vodka. After the candy cane's dissolved, mix with a bit of grenadine and a splash of soda water for a party worthy sipper. Here's the recipe...

:: Ingredients for Vodka ::
12 Full Size Candy Canes
750 ml Vodka

:: Directions for Vodka ::
1. Crush candy canes to a fine powder and pour into vodka.
2. Shake to mix and let sit until candy canes dissolve, about 30 minutes.

:: Ingredients for Cocktail ::
1 part Candy Cane Vodka
1 part Grenadine
1 part Soda Water

:: Directions for Cocktail ::
Combine ingredients, garnish with candy cane, sip and celebrate!

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