A Crafted Holiday {Striped Tree Skirt}

The hunt for two things in my house has been a constant for years, the perfect stockings and the perfect tree skirt. While I'm still hunting for lovely and wonderful stockings, the search for the perfect tree skirt is no more! After getting tired of looking at every store year after year, I decided to make my own! Perfectly striped and painted blue, it fits perfectly underneath my tree and matches the rest of the house just splendidly. It is something I can keep for years to come and will surely impress friends and family alike. Here's how I did it...

:: Supplies ::
1.5 Yards Natural Canvas
Painter's Tape
Acrylic Paint Color of Choice
Sponge Brush
Liquid Stitch

:: Directions ::
1. Using your ruler, mark the center point of the canvas.
2. Cut a piece of string that will reach from the center of the canvas around the edge. Tie one end of the string to the pen and pin the other end in the center.
3. Keeping the string taught, draw and giant circle on the canvas.
4. Find a bowl the size of the opening on your stand and center it in the middle of the large circle.
5. Using your scissors, cut out the larger circle.
6. Draw and straight line from the smaller circle to the edge and cut along it.
7. Cut out the smaller circle.
8. Going around both the large and small circles, measure 1" off the edge and place marks 4" apart. At each mark, cut a .5" notch.
9. Along all edges, run liquid stitch and fold over tabs to finish edge.
10. Flip skirt over and place strips of painter's tape 3" apart. Paint with choice acrylic paint. Remove tape and let dry.
11. Wrap around base of tree and decorate!

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  1. I always want to DIY a tree skirt but never seem to get around to it! Yours is so cute!

    Don't forget to enter the giveaway going on over at Cotton's Pickins now! :)