Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is just a short week away, and I've got my table all planned out.  This year I'm going with a simplistic rustic feel. Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday to go rustic in my book. A centerpiece of branches is perfect for guests to hang what they are thankful for on. I've laid out felt leaves in the middle of the table along with a silver sharpie so each guest can take one and write what they are thankful for and hang it on the branch. Somewhere towards the end of dinner, you can pick a leaf off and read what it says. I plan on setting up the meal as a buffet but by tieing guests silverware with a piece of twine they won't have to worry about carrying that on top of their already full plates. Keep the colors fall like and neutral using reds, oranges, and browns and whites. What I love about decorating for Thanksgiving, is you don't have to look farther than your back yard for all the items you need! How will you be decorating your table this year?

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