Weekend Warriors {10.26.12}

Happy Friday y'all! We are finally getting a "cold" front this weekend and by Sunday, temps are expected to be in the 70s. That may seem like warm spring time weather to most, but down here it's just down right chilly. In honor of the fall like weather and holiday weekend, I've gathered a list of five activities and celebrations worthy of your free time this weekend. Here's what should be on your agenda!

1. Build a Bonfire: Nothing beats sitting outside in the the cold weather around a warm fire. Throw in a bag of marshmallows, some chocolate, and graham cracker halves and you've got the best Friday night party around!

2. Wear a Costume: Halloween is a few short days away and weekday celebrating is out of the question for me. If it is for you too, throw on your costume and host a spooky gathering.

3. Carve a Pumpkin: If you are anything like me, life has been too busy to even think about carving your pumpkin. I got mine Wednesday night and I'm excited to finally carve something especially scary (or cute!) into it this weekend. I also can't wait to roast the seeds and make a yummy fall snack!

4. Bake a Treat: Baking has to be one of my all time favorite fall activities. There is just something about a warm sweet treat on a cold evening that can't be beat. Try anything pumpkin, cinnamon, or apple flavored for the perfect fall indulgence.

5. Catch Up With Old Friends: It's been on my list of things to do for awhile now and I'm excited to follow through on it this weekend. With extra free time on Sunday, I plan on getting comfy on the couch and having a good chat.

What's on your agenda this weekend?

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