Oh Happy Day!

It's no secret I love birthdays. I believe everybody's birthday should be their biggest celebration of the year, and I fully believe in joining them in their celebration. But, it can be hard when those you love to celebrate with most don't live near you. That's why I came up with the most ingenious "Birthday in a Box". Filled with all the birthday essentials like cake, balloons, streamers, sprinkles, candles and more, this box has everything for your friend or loved one to celebrate their birthday just as if you were there! I'm sending this box to a friend now living all the away across Canada (she's in Alaska...). After many birthdays spent together, I'm hoping this box will bring back all the fun memories we had and remind her that I'm celebrating in spirit right beside her! Here's the run down of what's in the box...

:: Supplies ::
Box Cake
Birthday Hat
Blow Outs

:: Directions ::
Assemble in a box, wrap in tissue, tape the box and mail to a friend!

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