Outdoor Living {Patio Redo}

We've lived in our current place for just over a year now and I've wanted to do something with our back deck since we first moved in. It's not a big space so creating a functional, multi-purpose outdoor area was our biggest struggle. We wanted a place to entertain, grill out, eat, relax, and of course brew beer. Oh, and don't forget the extra storage we desperately need! The trick was being able to fit all of this on a deck that measures 7.5 ft x 10 ft. See, I told you it wasn't that big. After a year of creative thinking, we finally managed to accomplish all of our goals! Rob and his dad built the bench that spans the one side so we could maximize the space. It also doubles as storage for Rob's brewing equipment. Since the cushions can come off, he can use the top of the bench as work surface for outdoor brew days. The table in front is perfect for hosting parties because it doubles as a cooler (awesome!) and works for sharing meals al fresco on cool nights. With the grill against the banister and the addition of some beautiful buds, we've finally created an area that we both want to hang out in!

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  1. sarah this looks AWESOME! i can tell all the hard work you put into it. what a perfect space to enjoy and entertain!