Lusting After {Inspiration Boards}

Inspiration boards are the key to everything I do. Without them, I fear my thoughts would get lost in space somewhere replaced by the next thought that pops into my head. Since the birth of Pinterest, this has been the easiest way to make sure I don't lose anything and keep those creative juices flowing. However, there is something to be said about jumping out of the digital world and really finding the inspiration in the things that surround you everyday. Whether it be the texture of your latest fabric swatch or the color of the buds outside your door, I'm lusting after the idea of creating an inspiration board in my house. I'm imagining a huge patterned cork board hanging on the wall adorned with all the little things I find inspiring each day from the swatch I picked up at the fabric store for new pillows to the dried bouquet from my friends wedding. Now...if I only had the space for it!

What would be on your inspiration board?

*Images: Top Left, Top Middle, Top Right, Center Left, Center Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right


  1. i so wanted a huge cork board for my new room but didn't want to spend beaucoup bucks-- found a warehouse that UW sells old university clasroom & athletics castoffs & scored a giant upholstered yellow board for $3!

  2. So jealous of Lauren's find!

    I make inspirations boards daily, it seems! Some people use journals to get their thoughts together and I guess I am one of those that uses visuals!