Paradise in Pictures

I know it's barely been a week since I left the Abacos, but I'm missing it already. Just looking at pictures of this piece of paradise always seems to put me in a better mood. The cool turquoise waters and warm breeze are the ticket to heart every time. If you've never traveled to the Abacos, it truly is the most amazing chain of islands in the Bahamas. Some of my favorite places there include the traditional little of island of Man-o-War where the Albury women sew the most well made bags made of sails day in and day out, a bit of a dive bar called Nippers with surprisingly good food and a gorgeous view of the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world, Capt'n Jacks who serves up, hands down, the best conch fritters and mac n' cheese in the islands, and the reef at Sandy Key where you can see everything from small colorful fish to barracudas and shark. This trip we even found a new spot to hit, Lubber's Landing. And, let me tell you, their fresh squeezed margarita puts any margarita to shame. 

While the next trip is still a ways away, as I go into the weekend, I can look back at pictures of paradise and almost pretend I'm there. Almost...

Tell me, what's your favorite vacation spot?

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