Indulge In {Blue Cheese Burgers}

How was everyone's 4th of July? Hopefully you were celebrating in true American style grilling out and enjoying fun times with friends and family. I must say that one of my favorite parts about any holiday is getting to break my diet and indulge a bit, especially in a big juicy burger. But, I don't prefer your traditional ketchup and mustard combo. While that has it's place, my true favorite burger includes a heaping amount of melted blue cheese and caramelized onions. Nothing beats the savory juicy combo piled high on a buttery toasted bun. While I usually indulge in something like this every once in awhile, I can't help but imagining how perfect it would be as a slider passed at an event. Can you imagine the smiles on guests faces when they see them being passed around the room? I can assure you it will be one of pure happiness and hunger. Here's my recipe for the perfect blue cheese burger...

:: Ingredients ::
1/4 Lb. Ground Beef
2 Teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
1/4 Cup Onion Slices
2 Tablespoons Blue Cheese Crumbles
1 Hamburger Bun
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

:: Directions ::
1. Preheat grill to medium high heat. 
2. Form patty and place on hot grill. 
3. Pour Worcestershire sauce on top and season with salt and pepper to taste.
4. In a medium pan, heat olive oil then add onion. Sauté till translucent.
5. Once burger is cooked to desired temperature, remove from grill and place in pan. Top with blue cheese, cover, and melt.
6. Place burger on bun, top with onions and serve. 

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