Topped Off {Cupcake PomPoms}

Cupcakes are cute, but want to know what makes them cuter? A topper. The cupcake trend is taking over and it's time to snaz it up a bit. You can keep the sprinkles and the caramel drizzle, but what's really needed is a topper. Cakes have been topped with everything from candles to bunting and even miniature people. And it's time to bring the topper trend to the cupcake. Right now, I'm loving the idea of topping the little indulgence with homemade flair like these yarn pom poms. The ball of fun is sure to catch stares from across the room. My favorite part? How easy they are to make. In just a few minutes, you've created a fluffy ball of joy. The steps are simple and I'm sharing them with you below. What's your favorite way to top off delectable treats like lemon cupcakes?

:: Supplies ::
Ball of Yarn
Mini Skewers
2 Fingers

:: Directions ::
1. Wrap yarn around middle and index finger approximately 30-40 times. Cut yarn and remove from fingers still keeping shape.
2. Cut piece approximately 2 inches in length and tie around center of looped yarn.
3. Take scissors and cut the ends on each side. Trim uneven, long pieces to from perfect sphere.
4. Stake skewer in middle of the pom pom, insert into center of cupcake, step back and admire!

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