Indulge In {Fruit & Yogurt}

In the middle of a heat wave, nothing beats fresh seasonal fruit. Full of flavor, utterly delicious, and not to mention healthy, it's a yummy mid day snack. Inspired by this month's issue of Rachael Ray Magazine, I've found a new way to take fresh fruit to a whole new level. I'm always searching for new creative dessert ideas that everyone will enjoy. It's hard when some people don't like cake or others can't each ice cream, but this indulgence makes it easy. Everybody can have it there way. Fresh fruit, greek yogurt and a variety of toppings make for a stress free hands on dessert. Guest can pick their fruit, dip in yogurt, and dip in the toppings of their choosing. Today I did pineapple with honey Greek yogurt and dark chocolate shavings, almond pieces and sprinkles. It was major delicious and took 5 minutes to prepare. Something like this is perfect for a dinner party because it allows you to enjoy and spend more time with guests!


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