Essentially {Picnicking}

With blue skies above, I dreaming of hosting an al fresco picnic. Perched in the park on a vibrant blanket, sipping wine, munching on French baguettes, grapes, and cheeses sounds like the perfect Saturday afternoon. I can imagine relaxing and just enjoying good friends and good times. Here are my picnic essentials...

1. French Baguette: Fresh from the bakery, bread is my favorite treat, especially dipped in exotic oils. 

2. Blanket: Grass is itchy and no fun to sit on. Add some flair to your picnic with a bright, patterned blanket like this Mexican inspired one from Amazon.

3. Grapes: Perfect for popping in your mouth. Try freezing them before you leave to keep them nice and cold all through the day. 

4. Picnic Basket: An obvious essential. This one is great because of the straps that will keep your plates and silverware in place while strolling to the perfect location. Even better, it has a spot for your wine glasses! 

5. Wine Glasses: Make a stylish impact by using hand painted glasses like these hibiscus ones from Lolita. The pattern is reminds me of a tropical land far away. 

6. Wine: Whether you like red, white, or champagne, no picnic is complete without a good bottle of wine. My personal preference? Anything from Cupcake Vineyards is light and pairs well.

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