Fiesta Time

Put away the bourbon, it's time to transition our Derby Party into a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! I was born to drink margaritas so, trust me, we are going to plan the best fiesta in the time it takes for you to read (and me to write) this post. Here it goes. Start by clearing your table and house of all racing paraphernalia. Pack away the Julep mugs and unpack the margarita glasses. Create fringe streamers by taping together half sheets of tissue paper and cutting slits about half way up. Layer them on one wall behind a tequila and margarita bar to draw focus to one area. Hang a pinata full of margarita accessories like mini bottles of tequila, limes, and small sweet n' sour mixes. Treat guests to sombreros and maracas for a night of fun. Want to throw the ultimate celebration? Hire a mariachi band to serenade guests. The key to throw the perfect Cinco do Mayo party is lots of color. It's one thing you can't be afraid of on this holiday. The more beautiful bright shades you mix the better. Complete the siesta with a taco bar and a vibrant outfit to party into the night! 

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