Destination Dream {Sydney}

Hi there! Today I'm taking a mental vacation and I'm off to the land down under. This amazing local is full of sunshine skies, sparkling blue waters, and furry exotic animals. It's a lustrous location for an event to remember. I can just close my eyes and imagine sunny blue skies on a hot day surrounded by family, friends and all the amazing Sydney sights. Entertain guests before your big day with tours of the Opera house, boat rides around the harbor, and a trip to the zoo. All of these activities are bound to get them even more excited about your special day. A trip down a sandy aisle is adorned with loose golden wattles, the national flower of Australia. Add additional accents of yellow with funky table linens or centerpieces. Continue the party with snacks of vegemite on toast, tim tams, jaffas and fresh caught seafood for dinner. Blast Australian folk or country music to carry the party through the night. 

Whether you travel to Sydney for your big day or bring Sydney to you, it's destination inspiration to impress! 

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