Celebrate Relaxation

It's not quite the weekend yet, but I've already got relaxation on the mind. With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, throwing a calming at home spa day is a great way to celebrate all the amazing things Mom does. Wake her up with a comfy robe, a pair of sandals, and of course a mimosa. Cover up the clutter of the house with linen cloths accented with soft pastels. Clear what furniture you can and set each space up as a specific treatment room. Bring in professionals if you can or have family members to help out. If neither is an option, encourage some mother daughter bonding by giving each other the treatments. Begin in the morning with a refreshing facial followed by a much needed massage. Break for a spa like lunch filled with light indulgences such as cobb salad skewers, homemade soups, and bistro sandwiches. Pick up where you left off and finish the afternoon with manicures and pedicures. Join the rest of family for celebratory dinner and drinks in honor of Mom to complete the most perfect Mother's Day celebration to date!

How will you be celebrating with mom this Sunday?

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