Creative Botanicals

 It's finally summer (well almost, so it counts) and I'm dying to throw a little garden party. But not the typical one you are thinking of. This garden botanical party would consist laughing, having fun, and getting your hands a little dirty planting herbs and such.

Lately I've been spotting all of these inspiring herb gardens faceted in the most creative ways such as shoe organizers, old crates, and mason jars hung on the wall. Ever since I've been dying to plant one of my own. So, in the spirit of going green and growing food for yourself, gather some friends and let's throw a botanical soiree. Serve up green cocktails, healthy treats loaded with fresh vegetables and encourage guests to bring their most creative vestibules to plant in.

 Not only will it be fun to see all the unique planters people come up with, but it will be a great way to start a garden for yourself!

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