Southern Swag

I do have to admit, this may be one of my favorite blog posts I've ever done. About a month ago, I entered Southern Wedding Magazine's Ultimate Burlap Challenge. And while I didn't win (I was a finalist though!), it was still a blast to collaborate with my mom to create the ultimate southern burlap swag, a bow tie! In search of the most creative use of burlap, I had been browsing Pinterest for days. Finally, it dawned on me that the two most southern things I could possibly think of hadn't been married yet. This lead to the birth of the burlap bow tie. 
To quote Talladega Nights, this bow tie says "I want to be formal, but I'm here to party." This material is casual enough for a day event, but the sheer fact that it's a bow tie will allow you to dress it up for a fun twist on the traditional southern favorite. Interested in replicating? Directions are below!

Materials Used:
1 yd. Burlap
1 yd. Natural Linen
1 yd. Fusible Interfacing
Natural Colored Thread
Sewing Machine
Bow Tie Template (courtesy of Martha Stewart)

1. Print bow tie template. Blow up 200%. Cut out and tape together.
2. Begin by ironing the fusible interfacing to the back of your burlap. Iron linen lightly to remove any wrinkles.
3. Place linen on top of burlap and pin at the top. Be sure that once the two are pinned together, the interfacing is on the outside, so once sewn together and flipped, it will be on the inside.
4. Trace bow tie template on to linen with your pencil. Pin on the inside of the bow tie as to keep together while cutting and sewing.
5. Repeat step 4 until you run out of fabric. It should make approximately 8 bow ties.
6. Cut out the bow tie and measure a 1/4 inch in on both sides for your stitch line.
7. Sew the bow tie around both ends and along one straight side. Be sure to leave one side completely open!
8. Flip the bow tie inside out so the stitch line is now on the inside.
9. Iron down 1/4 inch fold on the open side to create a creased edge. Place stitchwitchery along open edge and iron together.
10. Iron entire bow tie to ensure flat edges and unwrinkled linen.

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  1. OMG, i loooooove this idea, so creative. i would have made you the winner miss sarah!