Color Me {Peach}

I'm not sure if I've shared with you or not, but R has started to brew his own beer. It's been an adventure thus far and we've definitely made some errors and brewed some pretty interesting beers. Everything we've brewed up to this point has been a little darker and heavier than my liking. But, this past weekend, we finally brewed a beer just for me, a peach flavored wheat ale. My soon to be Southern Peach Ale has left me inspired, wanting to cover everything in shades of peach. This beautiful shade is the perfect combination of pink and orange. It's light, subtle, and a wonderfully refreshing shade for both spring a summer that can add a touch of glam when mixed with gold accents or feel a bit rustic with vintage wood details. Trying to take it glam? Metallic gold vases filled with peach peonies or gold leaf accents on invitations or escort cars adds the perfect amount of pop. Opting for a down home feel? Family style tables with long vintage boxes filled with peaches is just what the planner ordered! 

Hope this leaves you feeling just peachy! 

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