Swanky Soiree {Emerald}

As I'm sure you all are aware, Fashion's Night Out and Fall Fashion Week are right around the corner. And as I promised last week on Twitter, I have a new, exciting post theme for you. Once a week, I will be giving you some inspiration based on one of Fall's hottest trends. This week, the winner is emerald. Ever since Mila Kunis wore that amazing emerald gown to the Golden Globes last year, I've been obsessed with the color. And, I'm so excited that it is a must have color for Fall. 

For a party, I'm imagining patterned, emerald linens, topped with amazing shiny gold dishes. I'm seeing luscious centerpieces of either peonies or anemones. Bring in a little more emerald with a complementing patterned napkin also in emerald and maybe even an emerald colored signature cocktail. Seeing as there are no emerald liquors or mixers, grab your food coloring because I can't imagine something chicer than sipping on an emerald cocktail with maybe a nice big emerald on your finger...

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