A Little Friday Lovin' {Calligraphy}

My mom has always written calligraphy and when I was little, I thought it was this old, ugly looking type of writing. Well, I guess as you get older, you taste gets better. Because now, I'm kind of obsessed with it. I've been coming across all of these beautiful images of handwritten calligraphy lately and I'm kind of obsessed. It makes me really want to learn how to write it! I like that something as simple as calligraphy can transform the outside of an envelope or even a snack bag to be fun and formal. What do you think of calligraphy? Fresh and new or old and outdated?

Have a great weekend! xo

Images: (Row 1) 1, 2 (Row 2) 1, 2 (Row 3) 1, 2

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